Seed FAQ

1) What is Crosstree Seed?

Crosstree Seed is a design language for creating forms. Seed lines, ratios, shapes and volumes are proportionally utilized by user to generate forms. It provides a framework within which the user can explore and create objects and spaces of their own design, while simplifying the manufacturing process through the use of standard edge conditions.

2) What is Seed Workshop?

The goal of Seed Workshop is to introduce Seed design language to our community of designers and builders. Workshop engages them in the creative act of design thinking and model making using precut paper Seed shapes which are provided.

3) What is Seed Class?

The goal of Seed Class is to enable and empower community of creatives to further their own design/build solutions using Seed. Please go to Crosstree School to see more on classes and programs we offer.

4) What do you mean by open source design language?

Crosstree Seed is about sharing. Seed lines and shapes are available to anybody interested in using them, as are the forms that are generated by users. Participants can borrow ideas from past creations and use them in any way they choose. Interesting forms will be posted online to help promote the language and build interest in the platform.

5) Where do I come in?

Input from the community through workshops and social media provides an ever-expanding collection of ideas, helping to grow the seed database while giving inspiration to members of the design and build community.

6) Do I need to be a professional designer or builder to participate?

We believe that everyone has the ability to design, build and create, regardless of their profession. Some of the biggest ideas come from non-professionals because they offer a unique perspective from outside of existing design/build culture. Anyone interested in advancing the culture of creativity is welcome to attend a workshop session.

7) What is involved in a Seed Workshop session?

There are currently three phases of the Seed Workshop: Design Phase: Pre-cut cardboard shapes are available, along with all the necessary tools to allow participants to explore new designs that suit their needs. These can include objects, surfaces, or architectural spaces. Build Phase: Models from the design phase are used to create prototypes out of sheet metal by cutting out shapes, and then joining or connecting the edges. Crosstree staff will be on hand to assist with fabrication. Market Phase: Prototypes can be used for unique design applications, or they can be marketed and sold as a product to any number of industries or to the public.

8) Do I need to attend every workshop session in order to participate?

Everyone is free to choose their own level of commitment. See your product through all three phases, or just stop by for a design session to see what Crosstree Seed is all about.

9) Are there any fees or costs associated with the Seed?

There are no fees associated with the Seed Workshop. Once a user decides to take their design into the build phase, there will be costs associated with neccessary classes, fabrications and materials.

10) Questions / comments?

Please contact us by email at or by phone at (773)227-1234 to find out more.