Square Prism Floor Stand Pod

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This handmade Square Prism Floor Stand Pod explores the geometric relationship of lines and surfaces. Open top container can be used for any varieties of decorative use.

Made of 1/16" thick steel sheet and 1/4" diameter steel bar.

Black Patina or Grey with a coat of Wax

DIMENSIONS (Length x Width x Height)
12" x 18" Pod: 12” x 12” x 18”
13" x 19.5" Pod: 13” x 13” x 19.5”
14" x 21" Pod: 14” x 14” x 21”
15" x 22.5" Pod: 15” x 15” x 22.5”
16" x 24" Pod: 16” x 16” x 24”

12" x 18" Pod: 2.5 lbs.
13" x 19.5" Pod: 3 lbs.
14" x 21" Pod: 3.5 lbs.
15" x 22.5" Pod: 4.5 lbs.
16" x 24" Pod: 5.5 lbs.

Pods are fabricated using Crosstree Seed: a design system used to generate a library of geometric shapes that can be joined using standard edge conditions to create an unlimited variety of forms.

*Please note that while every effort has been made to accurately represent the color(s) of our products, all monitors display color differently. As well, dimension and weight measurements are approximate. Crosstree, Inc. reserves the right to make adjustments to products and prices as our products become updated and revised. However, no adjustments in products or prices will affect your purchase after you have placed your order. Please see our Store Policies for more information.